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What I am Reading… Stories that Stick by Kindra Hall

My Quick Review: A compelling book on storytelling with different types of stories that you can leverage and a storytelling framework that you can use. How Long: 200 pages What’s Covered: Why Tell a Story (and what happens with alternate means) Four Essential Stories – The Value Story, The Founder Story, The Purpose Story and

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What I am Reading… Exactly What To Say by Phil Jones

Blog My Quick Review of this Book: How long of a Read:  Quick Read (60-90 minutes) The Good: Great examples of what to say and how to say it.. Why you say what you say How these words help you exert influence and create Impact The Not-So-Good Some of the techniques maybe a bit too “salesy” for some. To explore further or

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Life Lessons from Running Marathons Across The 7 Continents

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