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In his 25+ years of building and leading teams to achieve big, bold goals, Satish has successfully scaled businesses from Fortune 500 companies to early stage startups, across multiple cities, countries and continents. He has helped for-profit companies scale profitably and non-profit ventures make impact.

Satish is a partnerships ecosystem and scaling expert at SS&C Blue Prism and has worked at Avaya, Moxtra (now Moxo), Alcatel Lucent, ScoreData and Tally Solutions in India. an author, an award-winning speaker and workshop facilitator, a 7 continent marathon runner and a mentor and a friend to many.  Satish’s story is an unlikely one… He moved to the USA with 2 bags and a $2000 loan and worked his way to become a successful senior executive at a Global 2000 company, a Distinguished Toastmaster and a member of the “Seven Continent Club”. This exclusive club is a group of about 900 people across the world that have run marathons across every continent including Antarctica. Having achieved big goals that initially seemed impossible to him, his mission now is to help others navigate their own Antarcticas’.  He recently published his book “Runaway Growth” which has become an Amazon bestseller.


Satish's presentation was inspiring and thought-provoking and nicely packaged. I enjoyed his presentation style.
Henry M
San Jose, CA

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