Your Listening Score and What It Means

KINDLY NOTE: This post is part of a pre-workshop survey for those attending the Listening Workshop. If you are unable to attend the workshop on this time around, kindly contact me to put yourself on the list for a future workshop.

We all know that listening is one of the most important skills we need to communicate effectively as negotiators, leaders, parents, children, siblings and more. Poor listeners “hear” what’s being said, but they rarely “listen” to the whole message. They get distracted by their own thoughts or by what’s going on around them, and they formulate their responses before the person who they’re talking to has finished speaking. Because of this, they miss crucial information. Good listeners, on the other hand, enjoy better relationships, because they fully understand what other people are saying. Their team members are also more productive, because they feel that they can discuss problems easily, and talk through solutions.

You will learn specific ways to improve your listening at Satish Shenoy’s workshop but below is a high level assessment of what your score means.

Your ScoreWhat It Means
0-20You are a Novice and have some work to do. Don’t fret. This is a skill that can easily be learned. Continue to work on your listening to become a Practitioner.
21-40You are on your way and are a Practitioner of Listening. There is more work to be done. Practice some techniques shared in the workshop and you are well on your way to becoming a Rock Star.
41-60You are about average when it comes to your listening skills. You are a Rock Star and you are not far from becoming a Wizard.
61-80You are in the upper echelons and you are what we call a Wizard. Continue to work on your listening skills to become a Ninja.
81-100You are almost achieving Ninja status. Ninjas never stop learning and growing so continue to hone your skills.

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