What I am Reading… Atomic Habits By James Clear

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Who this book is for: Anyone who wants to build habits that will last a lifetime


Habits need to be formed or broken on an incremental level (e.g. 1%) – small habits worked incrementally and consistently over time make a big difference.

Start with changing your identity, focus on the system around that habit, and the outcome will follow

  • Outcome – Losing weight, publishing a book, running a marathon
  • System – Implementing a new diet, Sticking to a writing routine, getting your runs in
  • Identity – Your belief, your worldview, your judgment about self or others,

Use an accountability partner to make a habit stick

Leverage a simple 4 Step Process to get it done:

  • Cue – Make it obvious
  • Craving – Make it attractive
  • Response – Make it easy
  • Reward – Make it satisfying

While we saw the 4 steps to build a habit – Make it obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying. Leverage the opposite approach to break a habit. Make it invisible, unattractive, hard, dissatisfying

Use Habit Stacking to increase the likelihood of sticking to a habit

Use the “Two Minute Rule” to make it easy to start your habit by scaling it down to the bare minimum

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