Pitching Like A Pro Workshop

Turn Your Pitch or Presentation from a “Meh” to a “Wow”

Dive into the dynamic world of persuasive communication with our “Pitching Like A Pro” workshop, designed to transform the way you present ideas, projects, and yourself. Whether you’re a startup founder, a corporate innovator, or an ambitious professional, mastering the art of the pitch is crucial to standing out and capturing attention in today’s fast-paced world.

This intensive, immersive session takes you beyond the basics, blending traditional techniques with cutting-edge strategies to ensure your pitches resonate deeply and leave a lasting impact. Starting with the foundational elevator pitch, we’ll guide you through structuring concise, compelling narratives that grab and hold interest within a matter of seconds.

But why stop there? Explore advanced techniques like the provocative question pitch, which challenges assumptions and sparks curiosity; the one-word pitch, distilling your message into a powerful, memorable essence; and the Pixar pitch, weaving your proposition into a story that touches hearts and minds alike.

Interactive, hands-on activities will give you ample practice, feedback, and refinement opportunities, ensuring you leave not just with theoretical knowledge but with honed, ready-to-use skills. Join us to leapfrog your pitching prowess and captivate your audience, every time.

By participating in the “Pitching Like A Pro” workshop, attendees will:

Master the Elevator Pitch

Learn how to craft and deliver concise, compelling pitches that make an immediate impact, ensuring you're remembered.

Discover Advanced Pitch Techniques

Gain expertise in innovative pitching strategies such as the provocative question pitch, the one-word pitch, and the emotionally engaging Pixar pitch, to stand out in any context.

Engage and Captivate Your Audience

Develop the skills to not just reach your audience but truly connect with them, sparking interest and compelling action.

Practice with Purpose

Through interactive activities, receive real-time feedback and hands-on practice to refine your pitching techniques on the spot.

Craft Your Unique Pitch

Leave with a personalized pitch that leverages your strengths and showcases your ideas, projects, or personal brand in the most compelling light.

Boost Confidence

Elevate your self-assurance in public speaking and pitching situations, equipped with tools and techniques that enhance your natural style.

Participants will emerge from this workshop not only with new and innovative pitching techniques but also with increased confidence, ready to make every future pitch more persuasive, memorable, and effective.

Satish Shenoy was hired as our Keynote Speaker for my company to lead a workshop on enhancing Executive Presence with 40+ Executives at our Global Finance Meeting.

Satish was engaging and inspirational in presenting his Marathon journey and how he overcame immense obstacles to accomplish his goal! His workshop had important advice and tips to help us improve as leaders. He even went above and beyond and had a follow-up session a few weeks later with our team to check-in how we've implemented ideas and how he can further help us with long-term goals. I highly recommend Satish for corporate motivational presentations and workshops!
Neil, Global Finance Director, Santa Clara, CA

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Discover the transformative world of Satish Shenoy, a highly sought after workshop facilitator and speaker. His expertise has revolutionized the way people and companies scale. Satish is no ordinary professional; he combines a rich background as a senior business executive, advisor, best-selling author, and an award-winning speaker with the endurance of a passionate marathon runner.

 Join Satish Shenoy in his workshops and embark on a journey of growth, resilience, and transformation.

Satish Shenoy

Global Keynote Speaker | Best Selling Author | 7 Continents Marathoner | Corporate Leader | Advisor

Satish's presentation was inspiring and thought-provoking and nicely packaged. I enjoyed his presentation style.
Henry M
Entrepreneur, San Jose, CA

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