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Storytelling for Storied Times Workshop (Educational Session)




What is Covered


Storytelling enables you to create a strong emotional connection with your audience of one or thousands.  Given the unique situation we find ourselves in today with most situations demanding remote presentations,  compelling stories becomes even more critical.

Whether you are trying to make your audience feel a certain emotion or make yourself memorable to someone you meet, or even sell an idea, a product or service, your ability to tell a compelling story will ensure that you are able to achieve the outcome you had planned.  In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of the key elements of storytelling framework and apply it to your advantage in your everyday interactions with your customers, prospects, colleagues and even friends and family. 

The Why, What, How, When and How of Storytelling:

  • Why does storytelling matter more than ever? Why do you also need to be a Story observer and how does that matter?
  • Understand the KLC of Storytelling - Who is your audience is and what you (and they) Know, Love & Care
  • When Is a particular kind of story most appropriate and how do you want to make them feel? What do you want them to remember?
  • What are the various frameworks for storytelling? Which one should I use?
  • And ultimately, a call to action:  How do you put this all in practice every single day?


MAY 30, 2020

12:30 US PT 

(8:30 PM GMT)



Your Takeaways

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