Book Journey Update: Editing, Proof-reading and Advance Praise!


This will be a short update since I have an exciting, longer update coming soon. The last few weeks have been hectic from finishing the last few critical steps of copy editing, proof-reading, getting the book layout completed and getting advance praise quotes. I also worked on getting the book cover finalized. And then the moment you and I have been waiting for…..YES – I handed off the final manuscript and the book has gone to print! 

In case you are curious, what copy-editing, proofreading and advance praise means…

  • Copy Editing: I sent my completed manuscript to the copy editor who reviewed the book line by line for grammar, punctuation, spelling, redundancy of material or ideas across chapters. Before I submitted the book to copy editing I had to promise the publisher that I had gone through at least 3 read-alouds. It is amazing what you catch when you read aloud! 
  • Proofreading: The Proof reader’s job is to once again read the entire manuscript, making certain no errors whatsoever remain (to the best of their ability)
  • Advance Praise (a.k.a Editorial Reviews):  Advance Praise can truly help market the book giving a prospective reader a peek into what they can expect to receive from the book. I feel grateful that people I asked for advance praise (especially my beta readers) responded positively and I appreciate their support. Please know that I will forward to your reviews as soon as the book is out there and know that I will be indeed grateful for your review also. mailer

Next, it is time for to show you the Book Cover and Time to Launch!!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

To Your Success!


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