Book Journey Update: Getting to the Top 10 and Revisions Galore…


The last two weeks have gone by in a flash – As I may have clued you in on my last update, I was selected into the Top 10 authors for the NDP Season 4 of the Official Author Podcast. What this means is that I along with nine other authors have the unique opportunity to represent the entire cohort of authors in Season 4 on the official NDP YouTube channel and talk about our book, how we got here, and what impact we hope to have on the readers. This is truly an honor and an opportunity for which I am grateful.

The process got kicked off with 34 authors submitting a short email pitch vying for a spot for the auditions. These auditions are are then scored by a panel of 3 judges leading to 10 authors getting picked for the coveted podcast spots. I feel fortunate to have been picked after the audition. My podcast interview was last Friday evening and it was an enjoyable experience, thanks to the inimitable John Saunders! John is a fantastic host asking thoughtful questions and also making it fun.

And there are revisions and more revisions! Any spare time outside of work, has been focused on getting through the copy-editing phase and culminating in the submission to proof-reading this past weekend. It was accomplished by stealing an evening here, rising up a very early morning there. So relieved to get this done. 

Next comes choosing the Amazon eBook category, BISAC codes and also picking the keywords or phrases to represent the book. We also get to pick how the book should be priced for both for the US and international marketplaces.

With some supply chain issues and other personal delays due to my parent’s passing, the book release was delayed by 2-3 weeks leading us into Book Launch in June 2022. The book launch is getting closer and I am really excited that it will soon be the time to get book into your hands!

To Your Success!


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