High Stakes Impromptu Speaking for Business Leaders

In this workshop, understand the Barriers to Effective Impromptu Speaking by addressing the fear of the unknown and the fear of failure. Bolster confidence to deliver more effective responses whether you are delivering an elevator speech, a fundraising presentation or engaging with other executives at a networking event. Access a hands-on framework that provides practical guidance and techniques to understand the Who, What, Why, How of Impromptu Speaking and improve your impromptu speaking skills, and get ready to succeed in high stakes situations.

High Stakes Impromptu Speaking for Business Leaders

Keynote from the 2022 Konkani Sammelan Conference

Satish Shenoy is a member of the 7 Continents Club”, an exclusive group of runners who have run full marathons across all seven continents, the latest in Antarctica in 2019. He has recently published “Runaway Growth” a book with life lessons for business and life based upon his running experiences in each continent Satish is a senior business executive, a distinguished toastmaster, and an award-winning speaker He will be leading a morning fitness workshop and presenting a panel discussion on the power of mindset. The Konkani Sammelan is a flagship event for the Konkanis in North America. This event with …

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Speaking - Pitching like a Pro and Keynote from the 2022 Konkani Sammelan Conference

The 3 Realizations of a Distinguished Toastmaster

Mr. Shenoy spent almost a decade being part of District 101 in the San Francisco Bay Area and recently made the move from the Bay Area to Austin, TX. As he imagines life as a brand new Texan driving around in a pickup truck (an electric one of course!), he reflects on his journey and shares with y’all his 3 key realizations as a D101 Toastmaster – the gifts that he has received through Toastmasters, the giving that Toastmasters has enabled and the growth he has experienced by bringing Toastmasters into the workplace.

A Toastmaster Goes To Antarctica…

Ranking highly among my passions are traveling the world and Toastmasters – That means that being a Club Ambassador and the associated mission is such a great fit and comes naturally to me!  It may also explain why I took on the role of Club Ambassador Chair for District 101 in 2018-2019. In March 2019, I had an opportunity (a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity if you will) to travel to a pristine and beautiful place, the “last continent” – Antarctica!!  I was traveling there with 100 other runners on to complete an important personal milestone of running at least one full marathon across each continent and joining …

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