What I am Reading… Hero on a Mission

Who the book is for:

  • For anyone feeling that someone else is writing their life story and wants to take back control of their life and the story they live

How long of a Read: 

  • 207 Pages (2-3 hours)

Book Summary

Act I – How to Create a Life of Meaning

  • The 4 Characters that is in every story and exist within you and me
    • Victim – One who feels they have no way out
    • Villan – One who makes others feel small
    • Hero – Faces the challenges and transforms
    • Guide – who helps the hero
  • How to understand these characters and lead a meaningful life
  • What is necessary for a character transformation?
  • The Importance of Rituals and a Morning Ritual to Guide Your Story

Act II – Creating Your Life Plan

  • Writing Your Own Eulogy
  • Short Term and Long Term Visions
  • Getting Things Done

Act III – Using Your Daily Planner and Life Plan

  • Making It a Habit of using your Daily Planner and Life Plan

Link to the Book – Hero on a Mission

Additional Reading:

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