Book Journey Update: Printing, Publishing and Pre-order


The light is at the end of the tunnel and the book is about to emerge from print to begin its journey.

After the laborious cycles of copy-editing, read-aloud and proof-reading the book was sent off to the printer a couple weeks ago! Although I don’t drink alcohol, I think I could have used a strong drink that day to relax a bit and celebrate the hard-earned milestone! Now, we wait for the books to arrive, initially in my hands, and then yours. With some delays in supply chains (no surprise there I guess!) the paperback should be in your hands by around mid-July. Sorry for the delay but I will try to get them to you even sooner if I can.

As you may have seen by now on social media, we did a “soft-launch” with my eBook and it is out there! So those of you that ordered eBooks will be getting a copy soon followed by those who pre-ordered the paperback copies. There have been some rave reviews already on Amazon for the eBook and I feel truly fortunate that the book has become an Amazon bestseller and hit #1 New Release on Amazon in its category. This milestone is yours as much as it is mine. 

As I prepare for the paperbacks to arrive, I am planning formal book launch events and I promise to keep you all posted. Thank you for all your love and support, your words of encouragement and most importantly investing in me and my journey! The formal Book Launch is up next!

To Your Success!


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