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New Degree Press: Finding Success One Step At A Time

What lessons can be learned from running marathons on all seven continents? What can taking one more step mean for you in whatever journey you are on? How do you take that next step? What’s it like running a marathon in Antarctica? In a world where we feel ever busier, Satish Shenoy advises you to take a step back, and focus on what your next step should be. Don’t get lost in the details, move forward! Listen to this episode of the Creator Community Podcast to hear from Technology Executive, 7 Continent Marathon Runner, and debut author Satish Shenoy to learn how he began running marathons a bit later in life and how he has found and applied lessons from those experiences to create success in his career.

New Degree Press: Meet the Author Live!

“Meet the Author” is a LIVE show from publisher New Degree Press introducing you to the authors behind the books. How can you change your mindset to achieve your biggest dreams — especially those considered impossible? 

In this episode, we’ll meet brand new NDP author Satish. Shenoy’s book, “Runaway Growth,” will publish on June 30th with New Degree Press. Shenoy is an author, runner, speaker, and senior executive in the technology industry. He uses his deep experiences, understanding and passion for long distance running to empower others to achieve their big dreams.* Join us on June 24th at 12 noon Eastern to meet Satish Shenoy with host John Saunders, and learn how you can achieve your BIG dreams one step at a time! Plus, hear answers to interesting questions and topics such as: What did he learn from an elephant and a rope? What was he doing traveling in a Russian icebreaker to Antarctica? What was it like training with the Seal Team? How did running influence his career?

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