Book Journey Update: Book Cover Design


Things have been very hectic for the last 2 weeks. With an exciting full time job at a growing technology company, work travel, a young family, book revisions and cover design, I know I shouldn’t expect anything less and I would rather be busy than bored any day!

While the book revisions continued unabated, today we will cover a bit about the Book Cover Design process. Although we have often heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, the book cover serves as the most important “calling card” for the book. 

Before a book cover was designed for my book, we had to complete a “Book Cover Brief” document to capture key information for the Book Design team to have them get familiar with us. Within this book cover brief, we had to introduce ourselves (similar to a bio), why we wrote the book, share 3-5 book covers we love (on Amazon) and share the mood board that describes the main themes of the book and a couple of sample book cover designs we came up with. The main book cover artists then engage us on a call for some brainstorming and then send it off to the illustration team to create the final book cover which will be revealed to us a few weeks before the publishing date. 

My mood board: 

Looking forward to an exciting book cover. Next week, more revisions! 

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