Book Journey Update: Revisions


It has been a few weeks since my book pre-sale campaign came to a close on Indiegogo. Thanks to you all, it was a huge success!

I had planned to send you this update about two weeks earlier, but then COVID had alternate plans. And just as we recovered from COVID, a family emergency stopped progress in its tracks for a couple of weeks. Things are getting back to normal now and we are moving full speed ahead.

The Indiegogo campaign had 134 backers and we achieved 158% of our initial goal raising a total of $8723. For those of you that backed that campaign, a BIG THANK YOU! If you receive this email through a friend and missed backing my campaign, don’t fret as you can still get yourself added to my exclusive mailing list for the book. Once you sign up, I will be able to send you regular updates as we work towards book launch! If you sign up today, you will get FREE access to my Mentoring Workshop

I am now deep in revisions mode of the manuscript – more on that soon. Thank you for joining me on this journey – it is going to be an exciting one! Next week, more revisions!

To Your Success!


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