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Things have been much of a roller coaster for me over the last 4 weeks and hence the long silence. My sincere apologies. I had to go to India for over 2 weeks to participate in family rituals after the passing of both my parents over the last 9 months.  My mom passed away unexpectedly in March 2021 and was followed by my Dad in Jan 2022. They were inseparable in life as they were in death. Sadly, I could not visit during either of their passing due to the raging COVID epidemic in India in March 2021 and then coming down with COVID myself in Jan 2022 and tight restrictions around international travel with COVID. They were both incredible individuals who did a lot for me and my brothers and will remain with me forever in my heart and a huge inspiration for my book.

Now on to to the book journey… a lot has happened, especially in the last 2 weeks. The major update is that I have a new title for the book – “Runaway Growth” with the subtitle Seven Life & Business Lessons from Running Marathons across Seven Continents”. While the previous title “Run and Grow Rich” was a catchy one and was the working title, there was some strong feedback from many beta readers and close friends.  The new title feels much more compelling and relevant and in line with the theme of the book.  

Runaway run· away | \ ˈrə-nə-ˌwā \ adjective
1: running away: as in runaway train
2: won by or having a long lead such as “a runaway success”
3: extremely successful as in “a runaway best seller”

Old Title
New Title

Just before I left for my India trip, I had the incredible opportunity to meet one of the most extraordinary individuals Dr. Robert Adams. Dr. Adams is a US Navy SEAL, who served in both the army and navy for 36 years, a Delta Force command surgeon, an author of 3 amazing books and an incredible human being who is doing a lot of good in this world for military veterans and others. More on Dr. Adams at   

You may recall that I had announced an interview with Dr. Bob (as he likes to be called) back on February 18 just a few days before I headed to India. In case you missed it, you now have exclusive access to the recording of that interview: 

Book revisions are done and we are now moving into copyediting and proofreading phases. Next week will be an interesting one as I prepare for the final recording of the New Degree Press(NDP) podcast that is reserved for the Top 10 authors picked by NDP to showcase the author and the program. I feel very honored to be picked after auditions for the podcast last week and I am grateful to my coaches and editorial staff at NDP for their support. More on all that very soon. 

Thanks again for being on this journey with me and it is getting more and more exciting as we approach the book launch in the next few weeks.  

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