What I am Reading… Upstream

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Who this book is for: Anyone who wants to build habits that will last a lifetime


What the book is about:

  • How small preventive actions can make a huge difference

How long of a Read: 

  • Medium Read (5-6 hours)

Book Summary

Lots of examples for applying upstream thinking to various areas of our lives

Changing the mindset from downstream reaction to upstream intervention

3 Barriers to Upstream Thinking

Problem Blindness, A Lack of Ownership, Tunneling

7 Questions for Upstream Leaders

How will you unite the right people?

How will you change the system?

Where can you find a point of leverage?

How will you get early warning of the problem?

How will you know you are succeeding?

How will you avoid doing harm?

Who will pay for what does NOT happen?

Additional Reading:

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