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Pitching like a Pro

As leaders, we have to “pitch” every time we want to communicate to our audience. This audience could be the teams we lead, to our peers, senior company executives to board of directors or even investors. Learning the different and most effective ways to pitch can really set you apart as a leader. In this session, come learn from Distinguished Toastmaster Satish Shenoy who shares some effective pitching techniques having learned them while working at some of the world’s most exciting startups to the largest enterprises from leading pitch practitioners including Dan Pink, Simon Sinek, Nathan Gold and others. You

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Storytelling for Storied Times

Storytelling enables you to create a strong emotional connection with your audience of one or hundreds.  Given the unique situation we find ourselves in today, telling compelling stories becomes even more critical and especially useful in a business setting. Whether you are trying to make yourself memorable to someone you meet, or make your audience feel a certain emotion, or even sell an idea, a product or service, your ability to tell a compelling story will ensure that you are able to achieve the outcome you had planned. In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of the key elements

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16,000 Reasons To Become A Club Ambassador

The Club Ambassador Program (CAP) encourages visits to other clubs in the district and rewards the member’s growth through this exploration experience. Every visit to a new club is an opportunity to learn new practices to take back to your club(s) and share the best practices you already know.

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