Satish Shenoy

Satish began his career at Bell Labs, the research arm of Lucent Technologies, after completing a Masters in Computer Science from Michigan State University. When Lucent spun-off Avaya, Satish took on a number of sales and service leadership roles. In 2004, he set out on an expat assignment to Asia, working out of Singapore and Thailand. Here, he built and led a regional team, and collaborated with over 120 regional channel partners. Enterprising, tech-savvy and affable, Satish realized 22% growth on a $55 million regional business.

Book Journey Update: Podcasts & Talks

Greetings! Things have been much of a roller coaster for me over the last 4 weeks and hence the long silence. My sincere apologies. I had to go to India for over 2 weeks to participate in family rituals after the passing of both my parents over the last 9 months.  My mom passed away unexpectedly in March 2021 and was followed by my Dad in Jan 2022. They were inseparable in life as they were in death. Sadly, I could not visit during either of their passing due to the raging COVID epidemic in India in March 2021 and …

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What I am Reading… Upstream

Amazon Link Who this book is for: Anyone who wants to build habits that will last a lifetime Summary: What the book is about: How small preventive actions can make a huge difference How long of a Read:  Medium Read (5-6 hours) Book Summary Lots of examples for applying upstream thinking to various areas of our lives Changing the mindset from downstream reaction to upstream intervention 3 Barriers to Upstream Thinking Problem Blindness, A Lack of Ownership, Tunneling 7 Questions for Upstream Leaders How will you unite the right people? How will you change the system? Where can you find …

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Showing up!

Showing Up: Woody Allen once said “80% of success is showing up!” Showing up is clearly important but have you ever wondered HOW you show up is critical? And also that how you show up not only impacts you and what you can accomplish but also others around you?  A few years ago, I volunteered to coach a group of young kids from 4 to 14 years old hoping to inspire them and get into running. It is then I realized the importance of showing up, not just for myself, but also for those young kids.  Showing up can mean …

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Create Your Village

There is only so much you can do with your own energy. I have realized you need the energy of others to get inspired, to do more  We all know that it takes a village to be successful, whether it is in an individual sport like running or in a team sport when you are leading an organization. A question that I have been often asked is how do you create your own village: My first response will be to ask you “Are you part of someone else’s village?” If the answer is no, then I would urge you to …

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Book Journey Update: Book Cover Design

Greetings! Things have been very hectic for the last 2 weeks. With an exciting full time job at a growing technology company, work travel, a young family, book revisions and cover design, I know I shouldn’t expect anything less and I would rather be busy than bored any day! While the book revisions continued unabated, today we will cover a bit about the Book Cover Design process. Although we have often heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, the book cover serves as the most important “calling card” for the book.  Before a book cover was designed …

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Book Journey Update: Revisions

Greetings! It has been a few weeks since my book pre-sale campaign came to a close on Indiegogo. Thanks to you all, it was a huge success! I had planned to send you this update about two weeks earlier, but then COVID had alternate plans. And just as we recovered from COVID, a family emergency stopped progress in its tracks for a couple of weeks. Things are getting back to normal now and we are moving full speed ahead. The Indiegogo campaign had 134 backers and we achieved 158% of our initial goal raising a total of $8723. For those …

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Reaching Higher

Do you or someone you know settle for less when deep inside you know you are capable of doing more? Have you ever wondered why you don’t reach higher when something tells you that you can?  One of the greatest sculptors, painters  and architects of all time, Michaelangelo, once said, “The greatest danger is not that we aim too high and miss it, but that we aim too low and reach it,” Too often, we let their fear of failure outweigh their desire to succeed. We need to be ok with failing our way to success.  In her ground-breaking book, …

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Mentors vs. Coaches

Whenever I have attempted to do something completely new or incredibly challenging in my life, I find that leaning on my community is extremely critical for my success. Mentors and coaches are an important part of that community. So what’s the difference between a mentor and a coach you ask? And when would I use one vs. the other? Mentors and coaches serve their own purpose at different stages of your learning and development journey, whether in your professional or personal life.. To accelerate learning and development over the long term and truly help you develop your whole self, a …

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What I am Reading… Atomic Habits By James Clear

Amazon Link Who this book is for: Anyone who wants to build habits that will last a lifetime Summary: Habits need to be formed or broken on an incremental level (e.g. 1%) – small habits worked incrementally and consistently over time make a big difference. Start with changing your identity, focus on the system around that habit, and the outcome will follow Outcome – Losing weight, publishing a book, running a marathon System – Implementing a new diet, Sticking to a writing routine, getting your runs in Identity – Your belief, your worldview, your judgment about self or others, Use …

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