Satish Shenoy

Satish began his career at Bell Labs, the research arm of Lucent Technologies, after completing a Masters in Computer Science from Michigan State University. When Lucent spun-off Avaya, Satish took on a number of sales and service leadership roles. In 2004, he set out on an expat assignment to Asia, working out of Singapore and Thailand. Here, he built and led a regional team, and collaborated with over 120 regional channel partners. Enterprising, tech-savvy and affable, Satish realized 22% growth on a $55 million regional business.

What I am Reading… Upstream

Blog My Quick Review of this Book: How long of a Read:  Medium Read (5-6 hours) The Good: Changing the mindset from downstream reaction to upstream intervention Lots of examples for applying upstream thinking to various areas of our lives 3 Barriers to Upstream Thinking Problem Blindness, A Lack of Ownership, Tunneling 7 Questions for Upstream Leaders How will you unite the right people? How will you change the system? Where can you find a point of leverage? How will you get early warning of the problem? How will you know you are succeeding? How will you avoid doing harm? Who …

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A Toastmaster Goes To Antarctica…

Ranking highly among my passions are traveling the world and Toastmasters – That means that being a Club Ambassador and the associated mission is such a great fit and comes naturally to me!  It may also explain why I took on the role of Club Ambassador Chair for District 101 in 2018-2019. In March 2019, I had an opportunity (a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity if you will) to travel to a pristine and beautiful place, the “last continent” – Antarctica!!  I was traveling there with 100 other runners on to complete an important personal milestone of running at least one full marathon across each continent and joining …

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